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Zoominfo engage training

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TI is a scalable platform that reflected ZoomInfo’s brand and has an unmatched user a course; % uplift in upsells for customers engaged in learning. ZoomInfoMassachusetts Bay Community College Facilitate on-boarding and training sessions for customers, Engage Certification Graphic. We use necessary cookies to make our site work. By clicking ‘accept’, you agree that we may also set optional analytics and third party behavioral advertising.

Zoominfo engage training


Build and assign contact lists to reps for call and email activities. Report on each member of their teams usage i. Build out custom call lists for peak engagement hours.

Create lists by territory, account segmentation, or custom tags within the Contacts tab. Leverage pre-recorded voicemails and the auto-dialer to increase call volume. Create and assign call lists to individual sales reps. Create follow-up Tasks for continued engagement. Leverage Local-presence numbers to increase connection rates. Group and target prospects by territory or audience segment. Specify email delivery time for optimal open rates. Re-engage points of contacts at accounts with low activity.

Set follow-up tasks for continued engagement. Create contact lists for targeted lead generation and nurturing campaigns.

Upload and engage with lists of contacts sourced through events or webinars. As a Sales Professional, Salesflows allow you to:. Streamline your engagement activities with pre-built emails and call tasks. Monitor which prospects are engaging with your content and prioritize your follow-up. Track and manage all prospecting activities in one place to limit manual data entry.

As an Administrator, Salesflows allow you to:. Standardize processes and messaging and share pre-built Salesflows with your team.

Capture your teams engagement analytics on dials, emails, replies, voicemails, etc. Add contacts on behalf of other team members. As a Sales Professional, Salesflows Filtering allows you to:. As a Marketing Professional, Salesflows Filtering allows you to:. Quickly jump to specific campaigns, analyze success, and make adjustments to steps and cadence as necessary. As an Administrator, Salesflows Filtering allows you to:.

After completing the Engage Setup Wizard, users will be able to:. Streamline prospecting efforts by combining phone, CRM, and email activities. Utilize email tracking to take immediate action on positive engagements. Personalize outreach at scale with pre-built email templates and recorded voicemails.

Add, send, and manage content on-half of other team members. Leverage call and email analytics to identify what’s working and improve your processes. Personalize your touchpoints with company Scoops and Technology data. Leverage the Replace functionality for prospects that unsubscribe or go cold. As a Sales Professional, using the Tagging feature in Engage allows you to:.

Organize contacts by tagging as you import lists. Add contacts to a tagged list based on level of engagement and hot prospect status. Build a series of outreach templates and tag by industry, role, or step. As a Marketing Professional, using the Tagging feature in Engage allows you to:.

Tag Salesflows to organize campaigns and share across the team. View analytics for specific groups of templates and Salesflows to measure success rates and adjust messaging or cadence. As an Administrator, using the Tagging feature in Engage allows you to:. Organize contacts, templates and Salesflows and share with teams. Easily group templates and Saleflows for analysis. All Knowledge Articles. Reference Articles. Featured Training.

Contact Support. Video Library. Ensure each Engage user has integrations and personal details set up correctly within the Account drop down. Before leveraging Engage for their prospecting activities, each user must ensure their integrations and personal details are set up correctly within the Account drop down. Under the Profile tab, users can manage primary information like name, phone, email and title.

The time zone and business hours section is meant to reflect the user’s primary timezone so that all emails sent automatically will reflect standard working hours. Additionally, Engage users with Admin licenses will be able to customize their team’s dialer and CRM settings from the Admin Portal within their account. Manage and replace unsubscribes from your campaigns with net-new leads Easily source additional company contacts for customer nurture campaigns. Users with Administrator permissions can use the Admin drop-down to manage users, view call and email stats across their team, and set up triggers within their CRM or configure contact statuses.

Access call logs and email statistics for managing daily metrics and view pre-built Reports that display your team’s effectiveness over time. Intelligent sales and marketing strategies rely on the ability to understand the effectiveness of campaigns and make improvements going forward.

View Call Logs and email statistics for managing daily metrics while pre-built Reports display your team’s effectiveness over time.

Sales As a Sales Professional, Engage Analytics allows you to: Identify the best time of day to engage with prospects via phone and email. Marketing As a Marketing Professional, Engage Analytics allows you to: Track and manage effectiveness of email campaigns. Engage User As an Administrator, Engage Analytics allows you to: Monitor prospecting activities across your team to gauge productivity levels.

Additional Resources. Contact Support engagesupport zoominfo. Connecting ZoomInfo to Engage allows users to access critical company firmographic details and additional contacts, while working within Engage contact profiles and lists. Use Engage to quickly launch targeted email campaigns with a single click. March 1, November 19, October 13, Salesflows Overview.

Salesflows allows reps to automate multi-step campaigns by combining email templates with reminders to call, connect, or follow-up with their prospects. Quickly access team and organization Salesflows by category, campaign, or owner. September 15, September 29, Use ZoomInfo in Engage. Engage’s integration with ZoomInfo allows users to access critical company firmographic details and additional contacts, natively within Engage contact profiles and lists.

Using Tags to Organize Your Work. Using Tags for Contacts, Templates, and Salesflows is an efficient way to build and filter contact lists, categorize templates for easy access, and organize campaigns.

Our industry-specific advisors recommend products based on specific business needs. Connect with us to get your personalized recommendations. Marketing Software. Marketo Engage. Product Overview. User Reviews. Add to Compare. Overall Rating. Value for Money.

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