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ZoomInfo Engage is an amazing tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes to improve their online presence. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this handy tool, from its features to how to use it most effectively.

ZoomInfo Engage is an online service that compiles a variety of information about local businesses and their website, including contact details, company background data and much more. In the case of business owners with websites, it will automatically pull in your location so you can add pricing specials too! It’s incredibly helpful for small to medium-sized companies who don’t have enough money or hours to hire someone else just yet but are interested in some analytics on their website for marketing purposes — and it will save you a lot of research time too!

The service kicks off with the following analysis checks, which are located below the main map:. Location: The information is updated every 15 minutes, so if there has recently been a new development in your area or a job comes up that could mean increased foot traffic increasing profit! Visitors: Star ratings are based on customer feedback, so if you get bad reviews, then lower your star rating accordingly.

You can also choose to have customers rate the business as a whole or by specific services etc. Social Profiles: Clicking these links will show social media profiles for local businesses, but as I mentioned earlier — there is more than just Facebook and Twitter! You know that annoying guy at work who comes up with one or two brilliant ideas a year but never bothers to implement them because he’s scared of others not liking it?

Likewise, this next bit is designed for ambitious people who are sick and tired of losing their friends over boring little things like « There wasn’t any pizza left ». If you can successfully use these tools, then your summer will be far more exciting and doesn’t involve things like « Hey, what did you do yesterday? Do you have one of those free insurance quotes?! The following tools are designed to help provide better Engagement with staff, customers and suppliers and even friends!

They come asynchronously, so when certain tasks become relevant, they kick in automatically. It’s essentially a brain-powered excel spreadsheet:. For example — what’s the average review of your restaurant on Yelp? Again, this is a great tool for creating engaging content: the best campaigns we’ve ever laid eyes on that take pride of place alongside « Keep it simple ».

It provides a myriad of control points that get us answers without paying a penny. Check out our list of review sites and social networks to find hundreds more, and a free source is Facebook. You can plug your unique categories into ZoomInfo’s search or use any common web scraper tool example. A great start is Keyword Match which will provide you with all the Google Plus and Facebook best keywords, their average monthly PR, suggestions to improve your account’s visibility and links to follow.

In addition, there are some content marketing topics that our clients find most effective for lead generation. ZoomInfo gives deep intelligence and human-based tools to gain more insights through interactions and feedback from the targeted customers. You can use it as a sales engagement tool, where you configure highly engaging goals with specific intent or value propositions called Enjoyments. The goal is not only to reach maximized traffic but also qualified buyers who will become loyal customers.

With « Enjoyment capture » built into the ZoomInfo Engage platform, it’s possible for the sales team to:. Direct Response Campaigns are for sales only; engagement campaigns can be used to:. Prospecting is the core of what any business needs to do its job. A well-flowing pipeline is a foundation for a strong partnership and security, but it also helps you gain continued sales when selling your products or services.

For this reason, ZoomInfo includes its prospecting feature as a standard part of the Engage platform. The feature can be activated by the salesperson, who then automatically and continuously connects with each of her clients via their Twitter accounts.

Moreover, you could personalize which target segments you focus on, set up custom email templates to be used the feature is predefined by default , and send targeted direct mail with the help of predefined scripts. Whenever a new contact enters the system, the program automatically provides information about him.

Yes, folks, this is the real power of automation in prospecting that helps you retain your pipeline connection and generate a relationship between your company and this individual across all sales channels allowing for better customer service – even at times when not available face-to-face.

According to our loyal clients, the ZoomInfo benefits and services are more than what they can receive with traditional search engines.

For example, when seeing people’s profiles via social media sites like LinkedIn. Media company CNET has also shown how advanced technology can be used in order to track new products through direct response campaigns as well as conversion rate optimization.

When it comes to the ZoomInfo drawbacks, we see that technology is changing consumer behaviour, and it won’t be long until online targeting becomes available. This means you can use many other one-to-one media platforms like Twitter or Facebook for magazine launches as well as rallies around a single topic creating customized followers lists without even contacting them personally. April 15, Introduction: What is ZoomInfo Engage? The service kicks off with the following analysis checks, which are located below the main map: Location: The information is updated every 15 minutes, so if there has recently been a new development in your area or a job comes up that could mean increased foot traffic increasing profit!

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