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DRC: PPI documents 43 cases of violations of the rights of HRDs, journalists and the media in August 2023


The organization Partnership for Integrated Protection (PPI), working to promote peace and protect human rights defenders, has documented, Forty-three (43) new cases of violations and abuses against human rights defenders, journalists and the media in the DRC », during the month of August 2023, compared to 23 cases in July 2023, an exponential increase of 20 cases, of which the province of North Kivu comes at the head of the poster.

Thus, one (1) journalist was killed on August 30, 2023 in
Goma in the province of North Kivu during the bloody repression of the demonstration of a mystico-religious sect called Wazalendo demanding the departure of the UN mission and one (1) was arrested while carrying out his work during the same demonstration. Still in North Kivu, four (4) HRDs were arrested by FARDC elements in Bulenge while they were sensitizing the displaced to take part in a peaceful demonstration and twenty four (24) pro-democracy activists werearrested in the city of
Goma in the middle of a demonstration aimed at the claim for the supply of drinking water in the city of Goma and the cessation of the collection of the illegal tax by the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) at the port for any traveler by boat heading for Bukavu in the province from South Kivu. In the
same province, the president (1) of the civil society of the Waloa Loanda group in Walikale lives under death threats from the armed group Kifua-Fua while one (1) HRD was violently attacked
by a major of the FARDC in front of the Karisimbi communal house in the city of Goma. In the province of South Kivu, one (1) HRD was killed in the territory of Fizi and two (2) other civil
society actors from Walungu physically attacked by people supposedly close to Mwami Ngweshe, following their support of the population in the fight against relocation the capital of
Walungu of the development project of 145 territories; and at the initiative of these same executioners, one of these activists is currently being prosecuted before the Walungu peace prosecutor’s office. In the same province, a journalist was arrested by the police in the town of Bukavu, on the grounds
that he had filmed the macabre scene of police harassment of women sellers at Independence Square. South Kivu always, the media (1) are launching an SOS in light of the tax harassment on the part of the provincial communications and media division of which they are victims and which is making their working conditions increasingly difficult. In Ituri, one (1) HRD was assassinated in Mambasa while one (1) other was arrested by the military court of this province. In the province of Maniema,
three (3) HRDs were victims of attack, aggression and threats following their activism and remarkable support of the population in actions to demand their rights.

For more details on this report, please click on this link: Leaflet n°058/PPI/DDH-J/08/2023 from August 1 to 31, 2023 monitoring violations and abuses against human rights defenders, journalists and the media in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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